LIC Doghouse promises reliable walking services tailored around your busy life. Pamper your pup with a private walk any time of day, or let him rub elbows – and noses – with friends on a small group stroll. We don’t see your dog as just another one of the pack!

• Over a decade of experience in LIC
• 5 star rated by our happy fur-clients and their humans

Go about your day worry-free, knowing that your dog is safely in the hands of the experienced professionals from lic doghouse. Whether you choose private or semi-private walks, all of our closely supervised, fun-filled dog walks are exactly what your pup needs to be healthy, happy and well adjusted.

• Fully insured & bonded by PetSitters Associates
• Dog Walker 101 trained
• Reference checked and thoroughly vetted

Private walks are wonderful for younger dogs that are still more interested in playing than walking, elderly that need to take it nice and slow or dogs recovering from an injury.

Individual Walk (30 min) $20
Relief Walk (15 min) $18

Recovery Walk (30 min) $20
Puppy Visits (30 min) $25

When handling your pup’s walks we will be more than happy to feed your pup and help reinforce any training issues you and your pup might be working on.

Small group walks combine lots of exercise with a terrific opportunity to socialize. Your pup is walked with up to three other companions, never rushed and with trained eyes, we always know what he or she is sniffing and up to.

Small Group Up To 4 Dogs (45 min) $18

We partnered with Scout – the latest PetCheck technology-which has been crafted specifically to allow you to easily manage your appointments, view walk maps and photos from your dog’s walk and much more.